Convey captures the data you need, when you need it, and
from where you need.


The ability to capture a complete snapshot of your disclosure data, in one seamless interface, is the single most strategic investment for the modern enterprise.

Designed to strategically align with your organization's compliance requirements

Developed to enable one time data entry for multiple disclosure needs

Ensures a standard set of data and streamlined process for staff, to aid in eliminating errors and oversight

Transform your disclosure submission process.

Quick and Easy Setup

Convey's web-based platform allows your organization to be up and running in as little as 48 hours, with no training time required.

Tailor Your COI Policies

Easily create your own organizational conflict of interest policies and tailor your policies to your specific needs.

Disclosure Storage

No more keeping and sifting through mounds of paper disclosure submissions. Eliminate the need to store information in multiple systems.

Disclosure Tracking

Improve your task management by tracking who has completed and submitted disclosures. Quickly send status reminders from within Convey.

Analytics & Data Management

Easily export the data stored to review and determine potential conflicts, assist in your reporting, and meet your compliance requirements.

Access files from Anywhere, Anytime

Convey allows you to review and analyze disclosure and financial interest data from anywhere, at any time. View discloser data in real-time.

How Convey Works

Convey has an easy 4-step disclosure process.

Tailor and set up your COI policy requirements.

Create your custom disclosure invitation URLs to send to disclosers.

Manage and track in-progress disclosures.

Review submitted disclosures.

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