What You Get From Convey

Saves Time

Convey means faster and simpler disclosing through an intuitive and repeatable process that saves you time and effort.

Reduces Errors

A process of disclosing that is easier, more accurate, and more reliable for collecting, storing, and retrieving your financial data.

Centralized Web-Based System

A user-controlled, centralized, interactive system that can transmit financial interest data to any other organization or system.

Streamlines Processes

Disclose to any organization that uses Convey, eliminating the need to re-enter your information, following a four-step, standardized process.

Data Security

Greater consistency and integrity of information as you create and submit each disclosure by pulling from your own records, in a highly secure system.

Tailored Disclosure Process

Receiving organizations can tailor data fields and thresholds to receive only the information required by their policies.

How Convey Works

Convey has an easy 4-step disclosure process.

Review organization’s policy and instructions.

Enter financial interests.

Answer disclosure specific additional questions.

Review and send.

Build Trust in Disclosure

Through Convey, your organization can:

Build Trust in Disclosure

Through Convey, your organization can:

Tailor disclosure process with your organizations policies and instructions.

Receive only the information your organization needs.

Automatically export disclosure data to your own systems.

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