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A Centralized Disclosure Management Repository

The Convey system is designed to reduce redundancies and streamline the disclosure process by aggregating information in a secure, accessible platform.

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Repeat users of Convey can reduce time spent disclosing by up to 40%.

The system’s unique functionality makes it possible for disclosure records to be edited, reused, and submitted to different organizations.

Users can easily create and submit financial interest and relationship disclosure records that remain continuously available for updates.

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A Flexible Four-Step Implementation Process

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Step 1: Define

Define the disclosure collection policy(s) and instructions.

Step 2: Select

Select the required disclosure data elements (e.g. employer, research funding sources, and more).

Step 3: Configure

Create additional questions for disclosers.

Step 4: Start

Start collecting disclosures.

Community Collaborations

The Convey platform has established partnerships and integrations with workflow management applications, professional societies, and industrywide collectives driving change and innovation in the scientific community. These collaborations support the platform’s mission to continually improve the disclosure process for all.


"Authors who repeatedly use the system experience meaningful benefits when they come back in to use it for additional manuscripts."

- Jonathan Schultz, director of Journal Operations for the American Heart Association