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The Convey platform was created to support the scientific community.

Following publication of the 2009 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report outlining significant issues in disclosure collections, the AAMC took the lead in developing a centralized system to improve disclosure collections for both individuals submitting disclosures and organizations collecting disclosures.

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Our History

Launched in 2018 by the AAMC, the Convey platform was developed in collaboration with scholarly societies, scientific publishers, and academic medical centers to address a fragmented and burdensome relationship disclosure process.

Our Vision

To be the place of record for relationship disclosures throughout the scientific community by building an environment that enables a reliable, consistent, and efficient process for collecting, sharing, and reusing disclosure records.

To provide an accessible and secure digital environment for disclosers and the organizations that need to collect their relationship disclosures throughout their professional journey.

Our Mission

To make submission and collection of disclosures a stress-free, straightforward experience for all individuals and organizations in the scientific community through the application of industry standards, the establishment of partnerships, and the continuous enhancement of the Convey® platform.